Kimberley scenic flights

Kimberley scenic flightsAustralia’s North West Kimberley region is one of the world’s last true wilderness areas and is so large and so diverse, that the only real way to experience it all is to take to the air.

If driving in the Kimberley seems like too much of a hassle, or too time consuming, then visitors should try one of the many Kimberley scenic flights on offer. Of course, experiencing the rugged beauty of this mystic landscape is best done on foot, by car or by boat. However, amazing views can be had while soaring over the Kimberley in a comfortable light aircraft.

Most of the scenic flights begin from one of the larger townships in the Kimberley. Broome’s airport is where a large number of flights begin and end their routes. However, Kununurra Airport also boasts a large number of scenic flight opportunities, as do the airports at Derby and Wyndham.

Some of the most renowned companies that provide scenic flights for tourists include Broome Aviation, King Leopold Air, Slingair WA and the much smaller but nonetheless successful Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures. Of course, there are a number of hidden gems that can easily be spotted when touring via aircraft. However, some of the more renowned attractions like the Horizontal Falls, the Bungle Bungles, Mitchell Falls and King George Falls are great viewing from a bird’s eye perspective too.

Seaplanes and aircraft are great for their convenience. However, if tourists are looking to get more than just a great view from above, choosing a helicopter flight will be much more to their liking. Companies like Slingair WA offer ‘chopper’ tours. The helicopters land at the main attractions, giving passengers an opportunity to swim, hike or even take selfies at these landmarks. A helicopter certainly makes a Kimberley scenic flight unforgettable.

Kimberley air tours

Air tour operators fly from Broome and Kununurra and provide short fixed wing and helicopter scenic flights. Also available are longer Air safari tours, that combine the broader view air tours with four wheel drive and river cruise tours.

Air Adventure Australia provide long range air safaris of the Kimberley, however they fly from Melbourne, Victoria. You can fly to the Kimberley and back in 14 days and in that time not only experience the best of the Kimberley but enjoy the diversity of Australia along the way.

Kimberley scenic flights  Kimberley scenic flights

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