Kimberley Gorges

Renowned as one of the last, untamed natural landscapes on the planet, the Kimberley is one of those destinations that inspires without even trying. The unique natural beauty that dominates the Kimberley’s rocky scenery is unmatched anywhere in the world. Despite boasting a variety of different landscapes, the region’s stunning list of gorges often steals the tourism limelight, and it’s easy to see why.

Many of the most famous Kimberley Gorges are found off the Gibb River Road which bisects almost the entire region. One of Australia’s most enticing gorges is Bell Gorge. It is ideal for swimming, and the flat, rocky banks make for excellent sunbathing. The brilliant U-shaped waterfall here will also leave you ‘gob-smacked’. Adcock Gorge is another top spot, although it is usually quite busy thanks to its close proximity to Gibb River Road. However, the pool is large and clear, and the small waterfall provides a great natural back massage.

The easily accessible Windjana and Geikei gorges are also well worth a visit. The deep river cutting has left remarkable gorges in both these national parks. Boat cruises are found here, and photography is a must owing to the beautiful cliffs that engulf the area. Swimming is commonplace at Geikei Gorge, although the freshwater crocodiles at Windjana seem to scare off the swimmers. Aside from these famous gorges, there are dozens more ‘hidden’ gems scattered throughout the Kimberley. Lennard Gorge is one such spot that won’t disappoint.

The Kimberley Gorges are the prime reason why tourists travel the long distances to see this region of the world. However, visitors need to remember that during the wet season (December to April), the gorges may boast spectacular waterfalls and fresh water pools, but access is often restricted due to flooding and heavy rain. Even though the dry (May – September) and build-up (October/November) seasons often reduce waterfalls to just trickles, swimming is popular at the gorges all year round. That is, unless salt and fresh water crocodile communities call these pools home.

Map of the Kimberley

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