Kimberley Facts

Here are some interesting facts and statistics about the Kimberley:

  • Fact: The Kimberley is located in the north western corner of Australia, from Broome and Cable Beach in the west to Kununurra and Lake Argyle in the east.
  • Fact: The Kimberley has the Indian Ocean on its western edge.
  • Fact: The Kimberley has the Timor Sea to the north.
  • Fact: The Kimberley has the Great Sandy Desert to is south.
  • Fact: The Kimberley has the Northern Territory to the east.

How big is the Kimberley?

  • Fact: The Kimberley area is about 422,000 square kilometres.
  • Fact: The Kimberley is roughly three times the size of England.
  • Fact: The Kimberley is slightly larger than Japan.
  • Fact: The Kimberley is similar in size to the area of California.
  • Fact: The Kimberley is larger than the Australian state of Victoria.
  • Fact: The Kimberley’s towns are Kununurra and Wyndham in the north, Derby and Broome in the south-west, with Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing inland on the Great Northern Highway.

When was the Kimberley settled?

The Kimberley is one of the earliest parts of Australia to be settled with the first people arriving about 40,000 years ago from the islands of what is now Indonesia. The Kimberley is home to thousands of rock art paintings. European started arriving and settling inland and the north west of Australia more recently, from around 1885.

What threatens the Kimberley ?

The Kimberley faces a number of serious environmental pressures, including climate change, large wild fires, feral animals and weeds and cattle grazing degradation.

What is the weather like in the Kimberley?

  • Fact: The Kimberley has two seasons, the dry and the wet.
  • Fact: During the wet, from November to April, monsoonal rains fall and rivers flood.
  • Fact: Large areas of the Kimberley are impassable during the wet season.
  • Fact: The Kimberley dry season typically has clear blue skies, easterly winds and warm days with occasional cool nights.

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Map of the Kimberley

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