WyndhamWyndham, Western Australia’s most northerly town, is about as isolated as any town in Australia can be. Situated on the southern tidal waters of the Cambridge Gulf where the King, Pentecost, Durack, Forest and Ord Rivers meet, slowly boiling under the oppressive tropical sun, surrounded by salt lakes, desert and mudflats which stretch to the horizon. It is located 3351 km from Perth via the North West Coastal Highway and 930 km from Derby.

A small frontier town established in 1886 on the tidal banks of the Cambridge Gulf at the foot of Mt Bastian which boasts a fantastic lookout, Five Rivers Lookout, on the summit 335m above sea level. It overlooks the town and port, Crocodile Park and tidal marshlands plus the five river mouths off the Gulf: King, Penticost, Durack, Forrest and Ord rivers.

Wyndham is also the nothern gateway to the Gibb River Road, Kalumburu and Derby. Its main attractions include a giant crocodile, the largest boab tree, The Grotto, Prison Tree, Parry’s Bird Sactuary and the Crocodile Park featuring the endangered Komodo dragon from Indonesia.

Wyndham today has a population of approximately 900 people, and offers its visitors a friendly face and the chance to discover some of its diverse and exciting history.

WyndhamWyndham Attractions

Wyndham is Australia’s northernmost town and port and home to a number of attractions including Western Australia’s first Crocodile Park, excellent fishing, horse riding and walking trails, exciting wildlife, magnificent scenery, secluded billabongs and many fine historical buildings.

Take local advice on a swim at the Grotto, a waterhole oasis secluded by Boab trees and stair-like platforms of dusty-red rock that surround the pool in a natural amphitheatre. A few kilometers away lies the Prison Tree, a hollow old Boab tree used by local police as a temporary lock-up for prisoners.

If you look out at the water at Wyndham, you may even see some of the common Saltwater Crocodiles at the waters edge. If you would prefer to see the crocodiles at a fair distance then visit the Wyndham Crocodile Farm, or for those of you who may prefer smaller animals such as birds visit the Marlgu Billabong.

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