Kimberley adventure tours

Kimberley adventure toursExperience a Kimberley adventure tour.

Australia’s North West is the perfect place to go for an authentic Aussie outback adventure. Enjoy a breathtaking 4WD tour along the Gibb River Road. Walk through crevices between the domes of the Bungle Bungles.

One of the best ways to see the majestic natural phenomena of Western Australia’s northern tip is by joining a Kimberley adventure tour. There are many different types of organised trips into this magnificent yet still largely untouched frontier so tourists can easily find one that best suits their own tastes. From helicopter flights to rustic camping explorations, adventure touring the Kimberley is a unique experience.

A great way to see the entire region is by air. There are several options that visitors can choose from. Taking a scenic flight is popular, as tourists can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Kimberley’s rustic charm, including sites like the Bungle Bungles and Windjana Gorge National Park. However, if visitors are looking for adventure, a helicopter tour is the best option. Not only can passengers get spectacular views of the landscape, but there are plenty of chances to set the chopper down for a closer look. It also allows visitors to access sites in the wet season, which are otherwise off-limits.

The Kimberley is the ideal place to experience the great outdoors too. If tourists are looking to get back to nature, then joining a camping adventure tour is recommended. If doing so, look for tours that only take small groups, and those that offer real, true-blue camping, outback style, sleeping in a pitched tent, or in a swag under the stars. Hiking, swimming, and other outdoor adventures are always part of a camping tour.

Boat cruises are another great way to enjoy an adventure in the Kimberley. The region is webbed by various rivers which are great for cruising. Fishing and swimming are popular pastimes, although many of the waterways are inhabited by crocodiles, so it’s best to ask the tour guide if it’s safe or not. Though it may sound thrilling, swimming in croc-infested waters is not recommended, even for the zaniest of adventure seekers. Kimberley adventure tours offer an experience unlike anything else in the world.

Fun and adventure of the Kimberley

There’s just so much to do in the Kimberley. For a really unique experience you can join the sunset camel rides that operate daily along the beach at Cable Beach near Broome. Cable Beach is renowned as one of the most stunning beaches in the world, with twenty-two kilometres of pristine white sands fringing the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Map of the Kimberley

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